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An online meditation class to support and grow together! Join the Intention of Mindfulness Meditation whenever you want on Youtube. Donation-based meditation classes are offered, and you can use the link below to send any donations.

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About Me

Jamie Forbes Mercadante began practicing Yoga close to ten years ago as another way to help her in the early part of her recovery, along with finding a more natural way to help with her anxiety and stress. She would never have thought that Yoga would completely change every aspect of her life. Yoga has benefited her not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. She has found her balance in life through Yoga and meditation. Her mat is where she goes to embrace life’s challenges, is a guide to connect to herself, and gives her the space to allow her mind to slow down to draw deeper inward. 

Jamie is originally from Newport News, VA, and resides in High Point, NC, with her husband and children. Before Jamie’s journey to become a Yoga teacher, she had been in the healthcare profession. Instead of taking care of patients in a hospital, she now feels that her purpose in life is to teach Yoga and give back to the community. This she does through online meditation classes on Youtube. She feels Yoga combines her life’s spiritual, mental, and physical aspects beautifully.

Jamie is a yoga instructor in Greensboro, NC. Currently, she is subbing at Radiance Yoga. She also teaches online meditation classes for beginners and experts alike.

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In the beginning it is always dark. The mind thinks (and leads us to believe) that this darkness is forever. But the body can feel the light, and as soon as it’s allowed, will always grow towards it.

That is nature. That is yoga.

-Amy Jirsa, Quiet Earth Yoga

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